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We are a creative group helping to design, implement and support companies and individuals reach their audience. We work with the client to brainstorm and develop creative campaigns to meet a goal and communicate appropriate messages. We build attractive materials to help sell or promote products. We find innovative solutions to unique problems and situations. These are the ways Tat can help you in your next venture.

The Process

Everything starts with a creative briefing. Once your needs are outlined, our team will figure out the best way to achieve your goals. We will explore multiple methods and identify problem areas, while working within existing systems and platforms.


To learn more and see the list of services we offer, please visit the “Services” section or click here.

The Team

Located in Ardmore, PA (just outside of Philadelphia) we are a small company of three full-time employees, supported by many associates. For nearly all projects, we have our own resources, so we can do turnkey designs, webcasts, videos and other media with no need to schedule other equipment or tools.


Tom Thompson
President & Owner


Sage Thompson
Creative Director


Jessica Lloyd
Digital Content & Media Director


The Experience

Tat Communication formed in 1998, but its experience goes back thirty years earlier, helping people in corporate communications and field sales support, primarily by using media to recognize and showcase leadership.


This skill and experience has lead to a wide variety of projects, covering many formats.


Tat staff are multi-disciplined, so we can provide quick turnaround and tight integration of various concepts with appropriate media.




125 Argyle Road, Ardmore, PA, 19003

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